Welcome to The Sourcing Store

The Sourcing Store is a provider of high quality cost effective products to our customer base. We specialize in the supply of custom manufactured components including CNC precision machining, metal stampings, metal castings, cold forged parts, plastic, rubber and silicone moulded products.

By availing of our services clients can access the China cost advantage without the associated challenges of language barrier, differences in business culture and the uncertain task of controlling product quality from thousands of miles away.

Engineers in the UK and Ireland deal directly with our customers and we have very experienced local Chinese manufacturing and quality engineers in the Shanghai and Shenzhen areas who work closely with the factories to manufacture the products. The UK engineers travel regularly to China to review production and meet with the engineers, quality teams and management at the factories.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of product quality at the best price and build long term sustainable partnerships with our customers.

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